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contest of simulated robots on Web

The Swiss company Cyberbotics organize once a while a contest of control programs in its Webots simulator. The last years contests required programming language Java, but the pay-off was a possibility to watch matches on-line. Even this was primarily advertisement, it was possible to solve interesting tasks in this free Webots contest edition.

Judo — match of two simulated humanoid robots
Judo contest if a follow-up of the ALife programming contests organized by the Cyberbotics company. A webots 4.x simulator is used for the game. Note, that it is possible to watch the matches online using a special browser plugin or standalone viewer. If you belong to the category of people who think that software is a trivial thing then you may like this contest and as a side effect — it could be your eye-opener.

ALife III — simulated robots looking for energy in a maze-like environment
Two robots are roaming a maze-like environment, looking for energy. Energy is provided by chargers. However, chargers are scattered all around the environment and it is not so easy for the robots to find them. Moreover, once used by a robot, a charger will be unavailable for a while. Hence, the robot will have to go away and look for another charger. A robot will die if it fails finding an available charger before it runs out of energy. Then, the remaining robot will be declared the winner of the match.