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Introduction of teams — jackal and the veterans
There are 13 registered teams (3 of them have incomplete registration at the moment) for Robotour 2018 which will take place in Czech Republic (castle garden Lednice) on 15th of September 2018. The teams are mostly veterans except The JK-Team from Technical University Deggendorf, which will come with their commercial platform Jackal from Clearpath Robotics. We can again look forward to see participants from Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia and Switzerland.

Marina — projekt Roboloď
Projekt „Roboloď” pro mne začal na vánočním večírku 2015, tj. skoro před třemi lety. Bývalý kolega z práce říkal, že jeho kamarád shání někoho, kdo by dokázal zrobotizovat lodičku zavážející krmení do sádek na rybníce. Projekt byl (a stále je) takový „tajuplný”, ale nakonec jsme se se dvěma dalšími kamarády rozhodli do toho jít. Když nic, tak ověříme, jak se nám spolupracuje a na vodě jsme s robotama ještě nebyli … Blog update: 19/8 — prohra - skóre 0:1

PuluTOF1 DevKit — the first tests and adaptation to ROS
Pulurobotics from Finland decided to offer a new product: PuluTOF for Raspi with controller hat and four sensors. It is already working inside their robot Pulu M. The price for PuluTOF will be around the same as low-end LIDAR, less than 500 EUR with four sensors, but it gives you at 5Hz 3D point cloud instead of a single plane. Blog update: 9/8 ROS installed

RoboOrienteering 2018 — mezinárodní soutěž
Devátý ročník soutěže RoboOrienteering se celkově velmi podobal tomu předešlému. Stejně jako v loňském roce se roboti utkali v parku v Mariánských Lázních … jen letos dorazilo více německých týmů než českých!

Robotour Marathon 2017/18 — testing challenge
Robotour Marathon is a new discipline starting in season 2017/18. There are several motivations for this new challenge, where probably the first one is to improve level of testing = level of robot realiability in Robotour contest. Moreover it provides comparison of different teams around the whole world over the year. (Update 18/6: Spider3 56m and FAQ)

Robotem rovně 2018 — 10. ročník soutěže
V sobotu 12. května proběhl desátý jubilejní ročník závodů autíček a robůtků v Píseckém parku nazvaný Robotem Rovně aneb Autíčka V Parku. Soutěž se koná za každého počasí na krásném místě ve středu města Písek na trase 314m dlouhé. Cílem opravdu není nic jiného než ujet 314metrů rovně bez zásahu jakékoliv obsluhy.

Robotour 2018 — QR-codes
The 13th year of Robotour contest for autonomous outdoor robots will take place in Lednice/Czech Republic. There will be several changes in the rules this year: the automatic loading and unloading will be no longer for extra points, QR-codes will be introduced to specify next location and robot can request preliminary task termination to avoid penalty for leaving the road. The autonomous, service and semi-autonomous zones remain the same as last year. When and where? Lednice, 15th September 2018. (Update 22/3/2018 - QR code format change)

OSGAR — Open Source Garden Autonomous Robot
OSGAR is a long term project which will probably incorporate more than one robotic platform in the future. The project started in 2014 when we decided to modify school garden tractor John Deere X300R into autonomous robot. The project is carried on in cooperation with the Czech University of Life Science Prague. Blog update: 22/6 — John Deere at Field Days

Move Your Robot 2017 — 3rd year of Naio challenge
MYR2017 is outdoor contest for autonomous robots organized by French company Naio Technologies. The participants have to first demonstrate that they are able to control Naio robot in Simulatoz (yes, Z is correct) provided by the company. Then only the best teams can run their code on the real robot. The first prize is 1000 EUR in each category (simulation, real navigation and free style). Blog update: 1/12 — Summary

Robotour 2017 - Workshop — team presentations + PAIR'17 conference
On Sunday there is always a workshop of all teams after the contest. They share their findings what worked and what did not, what is in reality inside of their smart robots, how they liked the new rules etc. This year we were recording so although it is not the top quality you can see and hear what was presented.

Results — Cogito team is the winner of Robotour 2017!
Twelfth year of Robotour contest introduced new „delivery” rules, which we had to tweak a little bit on the way to Žilina and also during the competition. After that the satisfaction was both on the side of teams as well as organizers. And who managed the latest task the best? The team which tested the most … Czech/Swiss team Cogito! (Update 20/9: added new links and videos)

Introduction of teams — BII, MRVT, Robosoft, Legendary Rover, Mota Seto ...
There are 15 registered teams for Robotour 2017 which will take place in Slovakia (Žilina) on 16th of September 2017. The list is an interesting mixture of old, new and „renovated” teams, for which was the far contest location the last blocking point. We can again look forward to see participants from Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Switzerland.

SICK Robot Day 2016 — the die is cast
Another „SICK Robot Day” is over. This time two robots had to place cubes in the field loaded with RFID chips in 5x5 meter bit „chess” area. Once the cubes were placed then they become obstacle and future collisions were penalized. So how it went?

Results — winner of ultra-wet Robotour is Istrobotics!
The 11th year of Robotour contest was the wettest. It rained permanently all day. This was not only challenge for the sensors and electronics, but also for the teams themselves. Never the less there were 12 robots on the start accepting the challenge in heavy rain (and wind too). Istrobotics with more than 600 points was the clear winner …

Introduction of teams — Raptors, Quadrons, WallE, ...
There are 14 teams registered for Robotour 2016 in Deggendorf Germany. That is nice start of the second contest decade . Also note, that Robotour is no longer Czech domain — there are 5 teams from Germany, only 4 teams from Czech republic, 2 from Poland, 2 from Slovakia and 1 from Switzerland. In particular I am pleased that there are 5 new teams and even old teams upgraded their robots, sensors, software …

Robotour 2016 — automatic loading and unloading
The 11th year of Robotour contest of autonomous outdoor robots will take place in Germany — the last unvisited neighbour of the origin country. New are extra bonus points for automatic payload loading at start position and unloading at goal position. Moreover some contestants could be excited about lower payload requirements when automatic loading is used. Note, that this is an optional feature and thus robots from previous years can be used without any modification. The contest will take place on 17th September 2016 in Deggendorf as part of „Czech-Bavarian week”.

Tour the Stairs 2015 — up and down
The second year of the contest „Tour the Stairs” will take place on Saturday 28th November 2015. The robots could climb the stairs up and down this year to make it more interesting for last year participants. The location is the same: NTK Galery in Prague, Dejvice. UPDATE: 7/1 — minivideo

Istrobot, 18th year of international contest of robots, takes place on April 14th 2018 in Bratislava
The competitions of outdoor autonomous robots will take place: Robot go straight! in Písk 12th May 2018, RoboOrienteering in Mariánské Lázních 16th June 2018 and Robotour at the castle Lednice 14th-16th September 2018
There will be another Smart Cars Day on 13th and 14th October 2017 on Milovice test polygon.
You can currently join DHL Robotics Challenge 2017, where the main task is to design of storehouse robot
The contest Robot Go Straight 2017 will take place on Saturday May 13th 2017 in Písek (registration deadline is April 15th 2017).
Valeo organizes on 21st and 22nd April 2017 Smart Cars Day on their testing polygon in Milovice airport
The 5th year of robot festival will take place on 24th-26th October 2016 in NTK in Praha
Contest Robotex will take place on 2nd-4th December 2016 in Tallin/Estonia (registration deadline is 1st Nov)
The contest Robot Go Straight 2016 will take place on Saturday May 14th 2016 in Písek (registration deadline is April 15th 2016).
Robotic Day 2015 will take place in Prague on June 13-14 2015.
Mobile Robots Tournament Robomaticon 2015 will take place in Warsaw, Poland on 7th of March 2015
Would you like to take your robot on 3rd-4th October 2014 to Slovakia to climb the chimney?! Registration ends in August!
Google had completed the acquisition of Boston Dynamics — see The New York Times.