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Tour the Stairs 2015

up and down

The second year of the contest „Tour the Stairs” will take place on Saturday 28th November 2015. The robots could climb the stairs up and down this year to make it more interesting for last year participants. The location is the same: NTK Galery in Prague, Dejvice. UPDATE: 7/1 — minivideo

Rules for year 2015

The basic rules remain the same as last year. There is an extra extension in cases when you successfully complete climbing up the stairs. The robot can then climb down and get extra points (1 step = 1 point). Note, that if robot starts to climb down in the middle of the stairs it will actually loose points!
Christian wanted extra „artists bonus points”, and I did not succeed to talk him out of it. The rules is that if more than 50% of robot body is made from the wood and the robot completes at least one step in one of the runs it will gain extra bonus 25 points. It means that this year you can gain up to 4*2*21+25=193 points.
Also note, that there is now dedicated website for this contest:
p.s. note, that registration form will be the same for all years and thus is available on the main page of the contest.


1st November 2015 — Registration video KRA Písek

I have two news for you: good one and bad one. The good news is that „Club of robotics and automatization”(KRA) from Písek fulfilled their promise and recorded their spider-like robot completing one step:
The bad news is that the registration deadline was yesterday and at the moment KRA Písek is the only registered team! If you just overlooked the deadline, then do not worry, fill the registration form and rather send me also email.
We talked with Christian, that in case like this I will prepare opponent robot …

9th November 2015 — Husky won't make it

Last week we gave a try to robot Husky — if it could (without modification) climb the stairs, … and it failed:
I talked with Chrisitian and I was quite surprised by one comment, that for some robotics is TTS contest only mechanical challenge, no intelligence is needed. Well, maybe it is time to sketch plans for 2016, when the robot will compete in loop: climb one staircase, navigate on the first floor to the second staircase, climb it down, and then back to start location. Better? Why not get ready now and practise already this year?
One more note, that on Saturday there will be also lectures in parallel to the contest, and for example Jean-Baptiste Mouret, who will talk about robot adaptation to damage, could be quite interesting .

28th November 2015 — Results and Lamia videos

Two competing teams are not many, but I think that it was still interesting show for visitors of NTK Galery. And it was funny to realize that both teams ended with the same rank:
Rank Team 1st straight 1st spiral 2nd straight 2nd spiral 3rd straight 3rd spiral 4th straight Total
1st/2nd KRA Písek 4 2 5 2 5 2 6 26
1st/2nd Lamia 2 2 3 3 3 10 3 26

Lamia - Tour the Stairs 2015 (straight)

Lamia - Tour the Stairs 2015 (twisted)

7th January 2016 — minivideo

Here are two short videos from Christian:

KRA Písek


plus one older one …

Czech TV