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SubT Finals

Robotika Team

After three years of development, DARPA Subterranean (SubT) Challenge teams will get the chance to compete in the Final Event being held at the Louisville Mega Cavern in Louisville, Kentucky on September 21-23, 2021. All teams have to re-qualify for both System and Virtual competition. Is Robotika Team going to be one of the 15 System teams and 10 Virtual teams? Update: 6/5/2021 — Eight teams have qualified for Systems Final Event

12th February 2021 — Final Event rules and schedule

DARPA announced on Wednesday 10th the rules for the final event, see Final Event Competition Rules (pdf). All teams have to qualify and the requirements are stronger, so see also new Qualification Guilde (pdf). Note, that there is not much time left — The Systems Competition qualification deadline is April 21, 2021 and the Virtual Competition qualification deadline is June 29, 2021.
So what is new? The robots have to be able to recognize 10 types of artifacts: 3 common (Survivor, Backpack, Phone), from tunnel (Fire Extinguisher, Drill), from urban (Gas, Vent) and from cave (Rope, Helmet). Moreover there will be 10th, so far unknown, artifact type. In order to qualify at least one robot has to demonstrate autonomous detection of all types of artifacts!
For the System there will be two Preliminary Rounds, each 30 minutes long. There will be 20 artifacts but teams will have only 25 reports. Only six best teams will compete in the finals. There the limit is going to be 60 minutes and number of artifact 40 with 45 allowed report attempts.
The Final Event of the Virtual Competition will consist of a Preliminary Round and a Prize Round each with a separate solution submission window. The submissions to the Preliminary Round will be evaluated and the results are expected to be announced the week of August 9-13, 2021. The top 10 teams from the Preliminary Round will be invited to submit solutions to the Prize Round to compete for monetary prizes. The results and winners of the Prize Round will be announced at the Final Event being held September 21-23, 2021.

4th March 2021 — Virtual qualification world released

Last night was released the Finals Qualification World for virtual SubT. In Czech I would call it „kočkopes” as it combines tunnel, urban and cave into one world. Simply from the very first crossing you can go to Urban to the left, or to Cave to the right, or straight to Tunnel:
The qualification task is easy — just correctly report at least one artifact. But is is hard, or it at least seems to be. The robots did not move at all in the first two attempts due to a small bug (#807, fixed). But the score is still 00 …
I do not mind leading the empty table, but 1 point would be nicer.
The robots have seen backpack in urban area, but it is „slightly different” to what was robot used to see in Cave, so they did not recognize it tonight. So hopefully tomorrow.
Two Freyja robots were capable to follow the world boundary in 15 minutes (simulated, it took almost 3 hours on CloudSim) but they both met under the hill and start talking how it would be great to have some snow and ski … no that was another story.
p.s. after another fix on OSRF side (#809, it looks like the base was not covered by signal) Robotika scored the first point and is the first qualified team to Virtual SubT Finals!

18th March 2021 — 10th artifact type?

Well, it is still not official but thanks to leak in Virtual SubT - PR826 it looks like that the mysterious 10th artifact is going to be some kind of treasure
I guess that by Friday this will be official but I am really curious how they want to force the System teams to detect it — well, they can force it but how to handle it? So I am looking forward for official info!

25th March 2021 — Finals Practice Worlds

OK, The Cube was really officially announced on Friday but I somehow overlooked it (as usual). So now there is a new CloudSim release not only with the 10th artifact but also the leaderboard contains Finals Practice 1, 2, 3 worlds.
Yes, you can see team robotika now, sometimes leading with zeros. But on the other hand the worlds were a little bit disappointing — they reflect old circuits: tunnel, urban and cave.
There is also new feature — fog! And that is going to be fun:
Fog in tunnel
Fog in tunnel
If you are curious what LIDAR sees in the fog then the answer is simple — nothing. Both Freyja as X4 drone turned around and returned.

3rd April — Virtual Fog

I must admit that the new feature fog emitter is a lot of fun. Camera does not see anything except white image, lidar readings are random and there are no sonars available on the virtual robots. A little bit promising are data from depth camera:
so now I am running simulation with suggested filter. We will see if robot Freya will navigate through fog dense so much you could cut it (Rakosníček) and discover drill artefact and score at lease one point in Finals Practice World 1. It is nice that this trap is very close to the start (follow the right wall for 1 minute), and it probably worked … unfortunately you cannot see fog in web-view. It just scored the point, so no longer leading with zero points in Finals Practice 1!
Here is the video of Freyja in fog in the Finals Qualification world … or, if you want, you can watch it from the beginning. How many artifacts you have you discovered? Backpack in Urban? What about the helmet in Cave?? No? Well, check the fog again. Yeah, you can see meeting of two robots which caused switch to alternative route … and a little bit of looping. The exploration was limited to 15 minutes (A900L) and then the robot returned to base.

6th May 2021 — Eight teams have qualified for Systems Final Event

… and Robotika is among them!
Yes, we were also surprised that only eight teams (instead of fifteen) made it to the Finals. On the other hand it is the elite (yeah, except us … but you never know. This is surely related to the pandemic + if everything can be canceled and the chance to win $2M is low …
So who are the competitors:
Note, that the registration to Virtual competition is still open, but you can already guess from the leaderboard who is qualified:
One point is enough to qualify … if you check both lists you will see that this time at least 4 teams will compete in both categories!