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SubT Virtual Urban Circuit

Robotika Team

In parallel with System Track Urban Circuit starts also Virtual Track. This time we will keep two separate threads/blogs although they are connected — one team Robotika. While System Track is still "big unknown" for Virtual Track is already qualification world prepared, so let's have a look … Update: 7/12/2019 — Ver33 - First point on AWS, Urban Practice 1

Information from community forum (registration required):
Qualification for the Virtual Urban Circuit will require submitting a docker solution against the Urban Circuit Qualification scenario through the Tech Repo ( In order to qualify, a team will need to submit a docker solution that is able to successfully report at least five of the artifacts within one hour of simulation time. Teams may submit against the Urban Qualification scenario as many times as they choose until the deadline for the Virtual Urban Circuit qualification, January 3, 2020 AoE.

Tunnel Circuit Virtual Teams,
We hope your fall is going well. This is a notice that your team has received a Team Qualification waiver for the Urban Circuit of the Virtual Competition based on your successful participation at the Tunnel Circuit event.
However, please stay tuned for the upcoming release of an updated Qualification Guide. We do plan to release additional guidance related to team registration and additional requirements.
We look forward to your continued participation in the SubT Challenge!

10th October 2019 — Virtual Urban Circuit Environment Preview

Here is our first test in Simple Urban 01 world with ver25 from Tunnel Circuit with exploration set to 120s: PavelJ is already working on new configuration for robot X2 with lidar and RGBD camera, which looks promising: We are currently waiting for official documentation on how to add new configuration.

2nd December 2019 — Ver31 - AWS logging

OK, it is time for some updates …
  • Robotika sent Letter of Intent to Participate in both System and Virtual Track of Urban Challenge (confirmed on Nov 22nd).
  • there is Ver31 which is now successfully storing OSGAR logfile via /robot_data topic (
  • the code is merged into master.
Any details? Well, there are some … for example we are not sure when it is guaranteed that the ROS bag recorder is ready (#276)? Also the version on AWS is more than 2 weeks old (#271). No, the version numbering is not available (yet?) (#256), so the only hint is output from simulation:
How we can tell? Well the entrance should be to the right so that robot X coordinates on staging area are negative. This was fixed and docker images are available, but not on AWS.
As a side-effect we found a bug:
Local planner selected as next goal (nearest to the goal) position behind the wall and end-up in local minima. Forever.
Just for reference here is the leader board:
Simply the leader board for Urban worlds is not working yet … maybe tomorrow? It is deadline for teams registration for System Track and only one month is left to Virtual Track (Jan 3rd 2020).
p.s. note Deleting Pods With no errors — I guess that this is result of huge logfiles. As a test I tried simulation of 5 robots of different types.

7th December 2019 — Ver33 - First point on AWS, Urban Practice 1

OK, we have now one point in Urban Practice 1 testing simulated environment.
It is backpack and in order to find it there were needed three changes:
  • disable collision detection — it simply does not work and crossing the entry gate causes several g reading. Moreover it looks like the organizers do not plan to fix this (see #243).
  • slow down turn from 45deg/s to 20deg/s — basically the same topic as above but the problem is odometry on X1 (large, Husky like) robot
  • classify all red objects as Backpack — in Urban Circuit is no Drill or Fire Extinguisher and new objects Vent and Gas are not red.
Here is the map from local run:
And meantime AWS simulation was completed with HD camera (X2 config 4), so here is nicer video what robot discovered.