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The European Robotics Hackathon

Incidents such as Fukushima, Majak or Chernobyl as well as the decommissioning and dismantling of old nuclear facilities (e.g. Sellafield, Asse or Murmansk) have taught us that the use of robotics technology has clear advantages. There are many measurement and sampling tasks too risky for humans to carry out. For these radiological and nuclear (RN) scenarios specialized robot systems have to be developed.

Enrich 2023 — The European Robotics Hackathon
I can highly recommend visiting Enrich. Already the exclusive guided tour through the power plant is worth it. We participated with the hexapod and my robot Lois. The hexapod had some electrical problems and could not participate. Anyway, we had 3 successul rounds with Lois and could also find some artifacts and create a 3D map of a small part of the area. So it was not a complete shame Update: 8/11/2023 — The Full Story