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Czech Eurobot Cup 2004, robots...

The Roboday was successful . Although at first we were “slightly” worried. The team form Brno announced, that they will arrive without their robot and robot MartA from team MART was still not able to move at all. However everything turned out to be fine at the end. More than 150 visitors came to see the robots in action. To everyone's surprise also a lot of kids turned up (and some really young too). That was something we were not ready for but finally even the children were happy, when they could play with a robodog Aibo or feed rugby balls to a walking robot.

Czech Eurobot Cup 2004

The main program of the Roboday was the first Czech Eurobot Cup. Although it was relatively clear which three teams will go to France, due to the fact that team JUNIOR from Brno came without their robot, the contest was still dramatic and full of surprises. But let's start from the beginning…


Homologation was not completed before official opening as planned, and it started in the presence of the audience. First successfully homologated robot was Ester from the Sirael team – robot picked a ball at fixed position and drop it to opposite lagoon. End of action. Spectators were a little bit disappointed, but Sirael team indicated, that they will not show all the trumps at the beginning. . Homologation of the team Short Circuits Prague followed. The robot tried to pick two balls at once and they got stuck in the manipulation mechanism. The first attempt failed completely, robot did not score a single ball. The second try was successful, so there were at least two teams going to qualification rounds. The most dramatic moment was homologation of the third team – MART. Robot MartA never in its live moved on the playfield and there were only five tries allowed. The first ride failed – robot crossed the playfield but it did not score. The second try was successful which the team, tired of couple day-and-nights of programming, celebrated with exultation. At this moment the contest could be officially ended, because three teams to go to France were selected. But there were plenty of people looking for fun, so show must go on...


All matches for each qualification round were in the same order: Sirael vs. Short Circuits, Short Circuits vs. MART and finally Sirael vs. MART. In the first round made team Sirael mistake so their robot Ester after pull-up of cable did not move. Starting using a cable was implemented too late, actually in presence of spectators, and the new configuration was not tested by even single run (actually there was no place where to test it – the only table was in the show room). Daisy scored two balls. The result 0:6 (2 points for balls and 4 for the win). [Comment: I am coping the results from the paper of referee and I see one extra line Sirael 1, Short Circuits 2, MART 1. So importnat observation: points collected during homologation counts! I suppose that nobody knew this detail during R-Day.] As in the first match robot MartA did not start, so Daisy won another match. The last match was more interesting. Both robots (Ester and MartA) recovered from initial problems and Ester is winning 2:0 (score 6:1, 1 point for “active” defeat).
The second round was very similar, except that Ester was much more active. She was very nice to Daisy as well. At one moment she pushed three balls from the neighbouring palm tree to her lagoon. The score was 1:11 for Short Circuits. After that Ester become mad and started to shoot balls to laughing spectators. She did not score a single point. On the other hand MartA with enough luck performed slightly better. They won two matches Sirael vs. MART, sometimes with help of Ester. Daisy handled situation the best. She won all the matches.
Table of matches:
Sirael Short Circuits MART
Homologation 1 2 1
1st round 0 2+4 -
- 2+4 0
2+4 - 0+1
2nd round 0+1 7+4 -
- 2+4 0+1
0+1 - 1+4
3rd round 0+1 3+4 -
- 3+4 1+1
0+1 - 3+4
Sum 11 45 17
Ranking 3. 1. 2.


The two teams with maximum number of points made it to finals: Short Circuits and MART. Only a single ball decided the very last match. Daisy scored and won the match. The winner of Czech Eurobot Cup 2004 is the Short Circuits Prague team with robot Daisy.

Lectures and presentations

There were several lectures and presentations between the rounds of the Eurobot contest. Their common topic was robotics. The first lecture with presentation had Mr. Jan Šifner with the robot Spirit2. The robot made a very good impression since it is a copy (1:1 scale) of the robot on Mars. It was interesting to hear what various robots do in the Universe and what are the plans for their application in the future.
In the second part Mr. Stanislav Medřický introduced association Amavet and a construction kit Fischer Technik, which is used in their robo-clubs. This was followed by presentation of company Cross, the Merkur manufacturer – Czech version of Mechano.
In the afternoon Luděk Žalud VTU Brno showed their system Orfeus, rescue robots and international contest RoboCup Rescue, which he with his team won last year. The second speaker from VTU Brno was Jakub Hrabec, who demonstrated robotic soccer and very successful team RoBohemia.
Very nice surprise was the presence of Richard Balogh from Bratislava, who spoke about Istrobot contest with demo of several robots. The contest is held regularly every year and you can find more details at
The last bigger presentation was conducted by Jan Chudoba and Petr Štěpán from ČVUT FEL Praha. Their robodog Aibo quickly become a darling of the audience, especially for the youngest, and robot with laser rangefinder was interesting for the older.
Many hobbyists, students, model makers etc. also brought and showed their creations. Demo of mini-contest of MiniSumo had Josef Szylar, Jiří Bezstarosti and Jiří Rotta. Walking robots were from workshops of Robert Grepl from Brno and Martin Locker from Rychnov. Martin also showed his robots for the Istrobot 2003 and Istrobot 2004 contests. Finally you could see computer controlled crane, whose author was Milan Málek junior. There were actually more people and robots, but I unfortunately do not remember all their names, sorry.


I would like to thank to all participants: Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University Prague for their support (room for this action, space for robot preparation during year, financial support for the playing field construction, parts etc.), lectures, who for free showed various applications of robotics, visitors for making the necessary environment of real contest and finally the French organizers Véronique Raoul a Nicolas Boulay, who while working as an independent referees created the crucial international context of the Eurobot contest.
If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, let us know via our standard web forms: RoboDay - comments. We are looking forward to see you next year and all fingers crossed for three teams going to France next month.
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