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The 2005 theme is Bowling. The goal of the competing robots is to knock over as many skittles as possible of its own color and possibly put up the opponent's skittles. The time is again limited to 90 seconds. The mission is going to be hindered by unknown bridge and skittle positions. They are going to be placed randomly, as the trend of the recent years is to prefer smart strategies able to react to its environment against fixed automata.

To participate in Eurobot the robots (one or two for each team) have to be fully autonomous and have to comply with certain restrictions. At the time of start the combined perimeter shall not exceed 130cm (convex envelope created by vertical projection on the floor) and cannot be higher then 40cm. The sum of the perimeters during the match shall not exceed 2m. Each robot shall have a beacon support at the height of 48cm for the opponents beacon. The support is not required, however if the opponent asks for it then the robot without the support looses the match.
The beacon on the opponent's robot as well as the checkerboard pattern of the table (this time brown–beige combination) should ease the control and the navigation of the robots. Further three beacons can be placed at the side of the playing field where the robot starts. The beacons are restricted only in size to a block with a square base of 8cm and height of 16cm (the field beacons) or 8cm (the robot beacons). However the beacons shall contain only navigational sensors (so no cubes of lead and similar).
The field consists of three parts. The left and right parts with the checkerboard pattern 5 × 7 squares (each 30 × 30cm) are separated by a 60cm ditch that can be crossed using one of the three available bridges. The middle bridge is fixed but the position of the other two will be randomized for each match. At the beginning of the match the skittles are placed on the field (symmetric with the center of the field). There is one fixed position for the skittle groups at each side of the field next to the middle bridge (see the figure). Another three groups are placed randomly on the field. There are thirty skittles total (fifteen on each side)!
The goal of the robots is to knock down as many skittles of its own color as possible (they are on the opposite side to the start position). During the match each robot can hold only 2 skittles at a time. There are two bigger balls that can be used to knock the skittles down. The robots are allowed to use also their own smaller balls to shoot them down. The smaller balls should be black, matte, 4cm diameter with 100g of maximum weight (i.e. squash balls).
The robots (possibly the robot pairs) are starting from the opposite corners using 50cm long start cable.
The match lasts 90 seconds. After this time the robots are expected to stop automatically. The winner is determined according to the state of all skittles. The winner gets another 4 points into the overall score. In the case of draw both sides get 2 points. There is 1 point for an active defeat (when the robot at least starts moving).

Official rules

Detailed rules including all dimension specifications and drawings can be found in French, English, German a Spanish at the official Eurobot web pages. A copy of the official Czech rules (broken link) is also available. Let us know if you find and mistakes or if you do not understand something. If there are any contradictions in the translations the French rules are the authoritative source.