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Funny Golf

Since 24. 9. 2005 we have the official rules for Eurobot 2006. You can donwload English or French version at the Eurobot homepage. If you prefer czech, we have prepared a Czech translation. We have also prepared a summary of the most important news and changes for the year 2006.

Since this May (2005) a draft of the rules was available at the Eurobot website. The name of the theme for 2006 is Funny Golf and the robots will compete by placing ping-pong balls into holes of the right color.
The playing field retains the same dimensions as before, 2.1m x 3m. There is no moat in the middle but we have now 28 holes all over the place . The field is green, only the holes are marked by red or blue ring, each color belonging to one team.
There is a total of 31 white and 10 black ping-pong balls. White balls mean points, black are neutral (a robot can use them to plug opponents holes). It is allowed to pull the balls out of the holes during the game. The score is determined only after the match by counting the white balls in the red or blue holes.
There are 4 more obstacles on the field except the holes, the so called „totems”. If a robot shortens contacts running all round the totem more balls will be put to the game. The placement of the totems is random — there are 2 totems on each side of the field out of 4 possible positions.
The most significant change compared the the last year has hit the robots. Not only one robot per team is allowed now, but also the maximum height of the robot was reduced for the first time to 30cm. The circumference of the robot at the start cannot exceed 120cm and 140 during the game. The robots are also allowed to have an arbitrary ball manipulation system but it must be physically incapable of caring more than 14 balls at the same time (the change since the previous years is that it no longer depends on the strategy).

Czech translation of the rules (PDF, 718kB)

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md - I'd like to thank again to Jan Benda for the great (and fast) work on the Czech translation of all of the 24(!!) page rules document.