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Robotour 2021


The 16th year of Robotour contest for autonomous outdoor robots will take place in one of the parks in Bratislava/Slovakia. The contest will be organized by and it take place on 18th September 2021. Update: results

Registration — forms and requirements
The registration for Robotour 2021 will be the same as previous year. Besides a short hardware/software description we also require a YouTube video, that shows that your robot is able to homologate. The registration deadline is 15th of August 2021.


The rules are the same as last year. They are available on GitHub with tag ROBOTOUR2019RC1: English. and Czech


The contest will take place in Mlynská dolina, Bratislava/Slovakia. Current information is available at:

Online destinations for robots are then available here:


Results for Robotour 2021
Results for Robotour 2021
Congratulation to Istrobotics!

If you would like to somehow support this contest or you have some comments/question, please use our standard contact form.