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Robotour 2013

the journey there and back again

The eight year of contest of autonomous robots will travel to Poland/Lodz and it will take place on 21st of September 2013 (!date change!). The basic rules remain the same. The changes are only in extension of time limit to 1 hour and if the robot reaches the goal, which is something nobody achieved yet, then after signal it can get extra points for returning back to the start.

Results and future plans — ARBot is the winner of Polish Robotour
This was almost the last Robotour (Poland/Łódź) , due to insufficient interest. At the end 9 registered teams arrived, 8 were on Saturday in the park and 7 bravely competed and explored Park Poniatowskiego. It was hard to believe that after the heavy rain on Friday Saturday would be beautiful for the whole day … and it was, so nice weather for 8th time!

Pozvánka a představení týmů — aneb Robotour stále žije!
Přiznám se, že jsem letos měl nemalé pochybnosti, zda Robotour v polské Lodži vůbec bude. Je to poměrně daleko a spousta týmů už loni na workshopu naznačila, že se do Polska nechystá. Jak dopadla registrace? 10 týmů ze čtyř zemí . Kdy a kde je můžete vidět? Sobota 10-17, 21. září 2013, Park Poniatowskiego, Lodž.

Registration — forms and requirements
The registration for Robotour 2013 will be the same as previous year. Besides a short hardware/software description we require also a YouTube video, that shows that your robot is able to homologate. The registration dead-line is moved back to mid summer, i.e. 31th of July 2013.

Rules in PDF format: English, Czech.