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Robotour Marathon 2017/18

testing challenge

Robotour Marathon is a new discipline starting in season 2017/18. There are several motivations for this new challenge, where probably the first one is to improve level of testing = level of robot realiability in Robotour contest. Moreover it provides comparison of different teams around the whole world over the year. (Update 10/9: JECC Fesl 4182m)


The rules for Robotour Marathon 2017/18 are similar to Robotour itself. The robot has to demonstrate its ability to autonomously navigate on paved roads without any human intervention. It can be any road mapped in OpenStreetMap. The main difference is that it is your challenge, performed when it suits to you and where it suits to you. Well, you are also the judge, which can be a bit awkward, but … pick a place, run your Robotour code and share your video with the robot GPS track. The winner is robot autonomously driving the longest distance.

The Score Board

Place Team Distance Date Video GPS Track code if available No. 1 weeks Top 10 weeks
1st Fesl 4182m (2828m) (965m) 2018-09-09 (2018-05-26) (2017-11-14) OdIq6263Jig (oXYuAzHRiiw) (AtHBMu2A6yA) #2799275 (#2716804) (#2540616) 33 34
2nd Cogito 1866m (1201m) (903m) (823m) 2018-08-12 (2018-05-21) (2018-04-16) (2017-10-29) jbDkcPRDwS0 (rwP83h-sM9A) (MSTBwnSDm90) (1KZCvN6KJe4) #2774812 (#2714601) (#2672011) (#2532240) 3 36
3rd Lois JECC 992m (53m) 2018-09-06 (2018-04-06) 8T4kD6pAMHk, (tXDNXJ5LkzE) #2796641, (#2659287) 0 14
4th AmBot 279m 2017-12-02 uGqbYSZYkg8 trace #2551163 github:alesholub/RoboNav 0 32
5th ND Team 182m 2018-06-02 9sNO3DLmLQE trace #2720737 0 7
6th Istrobotics 116m 2017-11-18 SVVVoJ64TDw trace #2543422 github:lnx-git/istro-rt 0 34
7th John Deere X300R 59m 2017-11-08 UwxXj3pjQo8 trace #2537604 github:robotika/osgar 0 35
8th Spider3 56m 2018-06-17 bkw5L6Hyjoo trace #2729189 github:robotika/osgar 0 5
Note, that there are English, French and German subtitles available in this Robotour 2017 video.

Questions and Answers

When the Marathon contest starts?

The contests starts now (October 2017) and it ends one week before the next Robotour contest (September 2018).

Are multiple tries/submissions allowed?

Yes, definitely! The better one is kept in the score table (the old ones are stored in backlog).

Is beer keg required in Marathon?

No, it is not. Nevertheless it is highly recommended to test with your payload once a while.

Is there any time limit?

Yes, there is 1 hour time limit as in Robotour contest, but feel free to record and publish your whole attempt. Only the first hour will be evaluated. (Update 1/11/2017) No, in this contest there is no time limit. The robot, which manages to move further away, is better than the faster robot.

Video should be from robot or from mobile phone?

Both is accepted as robots do not have to be equipped with camera. You can publish both and add the second URL in the comment.

Is there any naming convention for uploaded video?

It is highly recommended to use Robotour Marathon together with the name of your team (for example Cogito: Robotour Marathon 2018, attempt 0, v5)

I submitted my video and GPS track but the form just gray out?!

There could be some issues with the form, so if you do not receive confirmation within 24 hours, please send also mail to I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Can I pause my robot in dangerous situations and then continue?

Yes, you can exceptionally pause your robot. The example of dangerous situation is approaching horses, which could be scared by your robot, or a car on the road where you do not expect it.


Wohoo. I planned something like this for next year. Doing a trip to my neighbor village (approx 3km) and record everything (filmed robot, internal vision processing etc..). Thats cool, I am in
Martin, you are evil! I was just going to put my robot on the shelf and work on other pending projects, but it looks like I will go often to test in Písek. I like it — it looks like rather non-pushing approach to teams to start testing sooner.


10/29/2017 7:57 PM

11/8/2017 6:53 AM

11/14/2017 9:17 AM

11/18/2017 10:46 AM

12/2/2017 6:39 PM

4/6/2018 8:29 AM

4/16/2018 9:40 PM

5/21/2018 3:53 PM

5/26/2018 7:01 PM

6/2/2018 9:36 PM

6/17/2018 9:18 PM

8/13/2018 11:50 PM

9/6/2018 6:25 PM

9/9/2018 6:10 PM

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