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Robotour 2018


The 13th year of Robotour contest for autonomous outdoor robots will take place in Lednice/Czech Republic. There will be several changes in the rules this year: the automatic loading and unloading will be no longer for extra points, QR-codes will be introduced to specify next location and robot can request preliminary task termination to avoid penalty for leaving the road. The autonomous, service and semi-autonomous zones remain the same as last year. When and where? Lednice, 15th September 2018. (Update 12/9/2018 added link to

Robotour 2018 - Workshop — team presentations + PAIR'18 conference
On Sunday there is always a workshop of all teams after the contest. They share their findings what worked and what did not, what is in reality inside of their smart robots, how they liked the new rules etc. Here you can find PDF presentations of most of the teams.

Results — JECC Fesl is the winner of Robotour 2018!
The 13th year of Robotour contest took place in a beautiful garden of castle Lednice. We could witness many unexpected twists in robot behaviors, but also many great achievements of some well prepared teams. Deservedly won team JECC Fesl from Germany, both the Marathon (over 4km last weekend) and the Robotour 2018. (Update 22/9/2018 ARBot video)

Introduction of teams — jackal and the veterans
There are 13 registered teams (3 of them have incomplete registration at the moment) for Robotour 2018 which will take place in Czech Republic (castle garden Lednice) on 15th of September 2018. The teams are mostly veterans except The JK-Team from Technical University Deggendorf, which will come with their commercial platform Jackal from Clearpath Robotics. We can again look forward to see participants from Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia and Switzerland.

Registration — forms and requirements
The registration for Robotour 2018 will be the same as previous year. Besides a short hardware/software description we also require a YouTube video, that shows that your robot is able to homologate. The registration dead-line is 31st of July 2018.

Start of Competition Rounds


There are some changes in the rules for Robotour 2018:
  • automatic loading and unloading is still permitted but without any bonus points
  • 10 points for reaching the loading, unloading service area (30 points in total)
  • 5 penalty points for leaving the road, collision or usage of STOP button
  • robot can indicate request for task termination and end without penalty
  • the next goal position is defined by QR-code
The detail rules are available on GitHub with tag ROBOTOUR2018RC3: English. and Czech

Examples of roads in Castle garden in Lednice

We highly recommend to look at the park in available Google Street View!


The contest will take place primary in Castle garden in Lednice.

If you would like to somehow support this contest or you have some comments/question, please use our standard contact form.