czech english

What is the main goal of the contest?

The main goal of the contest is a fair-play, exchange of information in robotics and increase of expert knowledge of all participants.

How many teams are registered?

There are currently (mid June) 8 teams interested.

Is there rain-shed and electrocity available?

Yes. We are discussing options with Planetarium. The teams should bring their extension cords.

Are there any obstacles on the road? (stationary or people, kids, dogs, carts, …)

There won't be any obstacles on purpose. There will be probably people and other robots on the road — in such a case PAUSE button could be used. This means that robot does not have to be able to detect or even avoid obstacles.

What is the maximal inclination of the road?

There are relatively small inclinations, say 1m per 10m maximum.

Will robots compete in rain?

If possible yes — robots may have umbrelas for moderate rain. In really bad weather the contest will be postponed to next day or even weekend.

Who will be judge?

Every team must provide one judge. Randomly selected judge (from different team) will together with team representative follow the autonomous robot and react to potential rules violation.

When is the next teams meeting?

Next meeting is planned on Sunday 26th of August 2006 (it is only recommended). The plan is to test hardware in future contest area (manual driving could be used for example).