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Here you can find resources (data, code examples, logs, etc.) for Robotour 2007 contest …

NMEA-0183 Stromovka — data collection from 29-6-2006
How to decode NEMA-0183 you can find in Guide >> GPS.

Stromovka Map

Road Definition Network File (RNDF)

Lengths of segments (based on RNDF)

A: 76m, B: 57m, C: 50m, D: 38m, E: 34m, F: 39m, G: 118m, H: 91m, I: 121m, J: 126 m, L: 268m, M: 85m, N: 261m, O: 32m, P: 136m, Q: 159m, R: 76m, S: 189m, T: 47m, U: 91m, V: 57m, W: 65m

Recent changes in neighbourhood area