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forms and requirements

The registration for Robotour 2014 will be the same as previous year. Besides a short hardware/software description we require also a YouTube video, that shows that your robot is able to homologate. The registration dead-line is 31th of July 2014.


In order to proceed with the registration you have to demonstrate that your robot is capable of a successful homologation by shooting a video and uploading it to youtube.
The robot has to:
  • carry a payload (5liter barrel) [ground vehicles only]
  • automatically start at given time
  • autonomously navigate on the road for 10 meters (straight motion is enough)
  • stop when an obstacle is detected (or avoid it)
  • continue in motion after the obstacle disappears
  • handle emergency STOP button
Upload your video on YouTube and name it: Robotour 2014 - TEAM NAME registration
Note, that recycled video from previous years won't be accepted!

Example of older registration video: