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JECC Fesl is the winner of Robotour 2019!

The 14th year of Robotour contest took place in Deggendorf/Germany again (last time it was in 2016).The team JECC Fesl from Germany won for the second time in row, this year with a new robot! Update 24/9: Media

The Results

The results are available at and here is shapshot from this morning:
results from
results from
The winner and the second place is clear but almost all teams are on the 3th-6th place, so to order them I would use the final results from Robotour Marathon 2019:
  • 1 - JECC Fesl
  • 2 - Smelý Zajko
  • 3 - Istrobotics (2599m)
  • 4 - ARBot (1272m)
  • 5 - JECC Lois (983m)
  • 6 - ND Team (-)
  • 7 - Short Circuits Prague (172m)
  • 8 - Jackal (-)


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