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LEE confirms the last year victory

The winner of Robotour 2009 is for the second time the team LEE from Prague. The second place belongs to Roboauto from Brno (with two robots) and the third place fight out Radiklub Písek, competing with three robots. Congratulations! Especially 2nd and 3rd places were celebrated that night quite seriously …

This year contest was taken on new territory (park Lužánky, Brno) and it was so far the most challenging year. There were 19 teams registered but at the end only 15 homologated and competed on Saturday. The contest has been abandoned mostly by new teams, not suspecting that "classic" problems have all teams, even the most experienced. Among new teams we could at least welcome Italian team CGS Robotics.
The contest had four rounds. Each team learned about code of round approximately 30 minutes in advance, but the exact place of start remained secret. This place was randomly selected and jury person then guided the robot(s) to it. It was prohibited to transfer this information to robot(s).
At 10am, 12am, 2pm and 4pm were all robots started in parallel. Their first task was to recognize where they are, to correctly follow entered round and to return back to start/finish place. The rounds were appoximattely 1km long and robots had 30minutes to complete them. Robots could not leave the road, hit the obstacles (sometimes other robots), and stay 60s without moving. Violation of any of these rules lead to try termination.
There were extra tracking units for evaluation of score. Teams gained 1 point per 10 meters multiply by amount of payload they carried. There was surely schematic paper map as backup too. You could also watch current position of every robot on our website via online tracking of robots.

1st round (warm up)

The first round was supposed to be "warm up", i.e. near the main building but with non-trivial roundabout in front of the entrance. It's code was ALK01JIZ.

2nd round

The second round was in South part of the park. The code BESQDGHJ0Y2 had nickname butterfly because there was crossing SP4Q where robots could meet. Except sandy segment Y there were no bad surprises.

3rd round

This was supposed to be most challenging round. The code for 3rd round was 34PWTMLA. What could robots expect there? First of all narrow roads on segments 3 and 4 and then divided road with a small bridge and ford. We expected a lot of unpleasant words/comments, but none robot actually reach the bridge. The winning team LEE draw the starting position next to the bridge. Other robots in front of the bridge got scared of strong shadows from trees.

4th round

Final round 0Y2R34SFHJ repeated combination of sandy segment Y and narrow roads on 34.

Total score

Ranking Team 1st round 2nd round 3rd round 4th round Total
1 LEE 112 56 46 4 218
2 Roboauto 4 43 28 93 168
3 Radioklub Písek 0 20 4 32 56
4 Robokop Tým Brno 8 10 16 8 42
5 Bender Team 16 2 10 8 36
6 ARBot 6 7 8 12 33
7 TIM2 0 6 8 10 24
8 Robozor 16 0 4 0 20
9 Propeler 0 8 5 6 19
10 RobSys Team 4 2 0 8 14
11 CGS Robotics 0 0 10 0 10
12 Short Circuits Praha 1 3 0 3 7
13-14 Cogito MART 0 3 1 2 6
13-14 Istrobotics 0 4 1 1 6
15 URPI 0 0 0 2 2
Note, that there are available detail logs of robot tracks from tracking unit VTU009 (KML format for Google Earth).


The contestants were satisfied with this year challenging rules, but spectators were probably not very happy. As you can see from the table most of the robots, if they started at all, cover only several meters and then return back to base. So it was non-trivial to find any robot, which would stay long enough on road and would be able to perform properly.
The weather was great (for the forth time!) — I mean great for us, organizers and spectators. Robots would prefer some clouds, so that shadows would not be that sharp … well it would not be challenge otherwise, right?
At the end we would like to thank again to our sponsors. There were many of them this year. Besides several prices for contestants there were also prices for spectators who filled the survey (I would mention at least construction kit from Megarobots), and every team carried home a barrel of good bear from brewery Černá Hora a many others. Thanks.

First photos

Photo Petr Kubáč

Photo Kamil Řezáč

Photo Zdeněk Materna


If you consider contest interesting and you would like to participate next year, or if you have interesting photos and videos from contest, please let us know via standard contact form.