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Here you can find resources (data, code examples, logs, etc.) for Robotour 2010 contest …

Map Format

The map is no longer provided in RNDF format as it was previous years. Instead JOSM (Java OpenStreetMap Editor) format will be supported. OSM server will be also used to carry all actualizations including updates from competitors. We expect that besides three park candidates for Robotour 2010 there will be also many „test maps” of surrounding park areas near the team home bases. This will include maps of Stromovka/Praha and Lužánky/Brno from previous years of contest.
In short, JOSM is XML file containing three types of records:
  • node — point with attributes id, lat a lon
  • way — list of node references coded via <nd ref="node id">
  • relation — relations, used for example for description of buildings
Every record has also attributes user/uid and timestamp, i.e. by who and when was given element edited. The number in attribute changeset then corresponds to map revision. Interesting information could be also found in <tag> (for example width of given way etc.).

Node Example

<node id="242744133" lat="50.1057063" lon="14.42758" version="2"
  changeset="772392" user="Petr" uid="17615" visible="true"
 <tag k="created_by" v="JOSM"/>

Way Example

<way id="33898726" visible="true" timestamp="2009-05-01T20:55:40Z"
    version="1" changeset="1041618" user="Petr" uid="17615">
  <nd ref="388382600"/>
  <nd ref="388382681"/>
  <nd ref="388382682"/>
  <nd ref="275620115"/>
  <tag k="highway" v="footway"/>
  <tag k="source" v="cuzk:km"/>

Note about tags

All three entities (node, way, relation) can have several tags. Although it is a general mapping of k-key to v-value, it is reasonable to use only some selected keywords, corresponding types and units. Complete overview can be found on wiki pages of OSM Map Features. Value of key k should be for each entity unique, so for example a road (k="highway") belongs to only one category.

Map of Botanic Garden

GPS data available on OpenStreetMap