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Introduction of teams

Robotour first time in ,,foreign country''

This year Robotour is organized outside Czech Republic for the first time. This fact is noticeable a bit on origin of teams: there are 6 local (Slovak) teams, 12 Czech teams and 1 Italian team. If you are interested to see simultaneous start from one place of almost twenty fully autonomous robots, do not hesitate and come to Botanic garden in Bratislava. And in case of machines failure the beautiful surroundings will surely compensate it …

Let's shortly introduce all teams, although most of them you could already see last year in Robotour in Brno or at some other contests.


ARBot is team from Prague, which will compete with a small robot. The robot was adapted to carry required 5 liter barrel. This barrel will be full or empty based on negotiability of the roads (this year rules require at least empty barrel so robots can have chance to detect each other).


Two man team from Bratislava, which you could see recently on RoboOrienteering contest in Rychnov nad Kněžnou. We will see how domestic environment will suit the team.


New, so far not very courageous, team from Prague. The plan is to build a robot controlled by EEE notebook and GPS. Sonar will be used for obstacle detection. Good luck!

CGS Robotics

Italian team, which you could see first time in action last year in Brno. GS Robotics has background in Gustavo Stefanini research center and will compete with robot Felix. It is in reality commercially available Pioneer 3-AT, equipped with camera, GPS and laser range finder Hokuyo UTM-30LX.

Eduro Team

Eduro Team for Robotour 2010 is in reality union of last year RobSys Team and Cogito MART. You could see their robot Eduro Maxi HD for the first time in Písek (Robot, Go Straight! contest) or later in Rychnov nad Kněžnou (RoboOrienteering contest). The basic sensors are laser SICK LMS100, camera with wide angle lens, sonar, compass and GPS.


Experienced Slovak team, which participated probably in all Robotour contests. You could see upturn tendency, so hopefully this year they finally successfully score …

Limacon Čáslav

New team of Czech enthusiasts from Čáslav. Robot should navigate via camera and ultrasound sensors.

Navigate 4

Slovak team, which did not handle it last year, so this year premiere?


The successor of successful team LEE (winner of the last two Robotour contests). We will see how the "new generation" will deal with non-trivial task …


Originally high-school team from Opava. But this was four years ago. Now it is rather "family team". The robot frame from last year was modified to be able to carry empty barrel, but the rest remains the same. Bogie MOB-03 from is used as base, three sonars SRF08 and compass CMPS03. The road following algorithm is primarily based on image recognition (source is web camera). The team also plans to use GPS receiver for current position estimation. Most of the code is written again in Java.

Roboauto + Roboauto Quido

The Roboauto team decided to split this year into two teams with two independent robots. Their two autonomous models of cars use slightly different approaches so even authors wonder how they will behave.
Quido is modified model RC car with with smooth speed control forward and backward. Sensors are LIDAR for obstacle detection, inertial unit, GPS, camera, odometer and compass. The main controller is notebook + 100 MBit switch. Software is on Windows platform, combination of applications in C++, Delphi and Java. Communication among modules is realized via TCP/IP.

RoboKop Tým Brno

RoboKop should enter in the same lineup like last year in Brno. Note, that this is also the team, to who we are grateful for contact and arrangement of cargo for robots from brewery Černá Hora, thank you .


Team from České Budějovice will probably arrive with robot based on wheelchair. For obstacle detection they plan to used sonars but they do not plan to risk obstacle avoidance. More detail info is currently not available.

Radioklub Písek

Radioklub Písek will go only with loco robot (LOKO) without wagons this year. We will see if they change their mind, because train with wood and cistern was very attractive. (Note, that in the last version of rules are accompanying robots again allowed but without extra bonus points).

Short Circuits Praha

Robot is based on MOB-03 platform. The main processing power is notebook Asus EEE. The hardware is monitored by micro-controller AVR ATMEGA8. Sensors are encoders, compass, sonar and GPS receiver. Software is written in Python language. The main program collects current information about HW by RS232. Information about status is determined by ATMEGA8, which sends it regularly to main program.
The main program converts data info platform independent unit and then controls speed by PID controller, localisation from odometry, GPS and compass (Monte Carlo Localisation), detects obstacles with reaction, and finally provides navigation on desired trajectory. The navigation is using camera with panoramatic mirror as main sensor. The robot will try to avoid obstacles by Vector Field Histogram algorithm.


Sirael is actually old-new team, which you could see on the first Robotour in 2006 in Prague. The bogie is completely new and so far proved usability (Sirael won last RoboOrienteering contest), so we will see how robot Irena will succeed in Bratislava with help of camera and laser range finder LMS100.

Smelý Zajko

Slovak team with wood-aluminium construction combined with bogie from company Parallax ("Motor Mount and Wheel Kit with Position Controller"). I am a little bit curious … but the photo gives us already some idea what to expect .

Tatran Team Trenčín

Tatran Team participated in contest Eurobot long time ago. Now they want to try outdoor contest, but is is not clear if robot will be prepared in time. The bogie is with tracks (is it the only robot with tracks) with motors powered by 24V, own electronics and controller via PWM. The controller communicates with main PC via RS232. Camera and GPS will be used for robot navigation and diffuse detectors (Balluff) will be used for obstacle detection.


URPI is partially „organizing team”, so hopefully they will handle everything in time. So far we do not know, if the robot will have tower from Mechano as last year or it will use robotic arm as demonstrated on some older photos.

If you want this contest somehow support or you have some comments/questions, do not hesitate to contact us via web form.