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SubT Virtual Cave Circuit

Robotika Team

Cave is the last of three training Circuits before the finals in 2021 (if everything goes well). The environment is interesting of variable 3D terrain and combination of huge and narrow openings. Update: 31/3/2020 — Robotika in the 'Video Friday' feature on the IEEE Spectrum website

24th March 2020 — Robotika scores the first point in Simple Cave 1

Since we returned from successful mission in USA (see 3rd place in Urban Circuit, 2nd among DARPA non-sponsored teams) thanks to The Virus is is much easier to continue preparation for Cave Circuit in Virtual world rather than in System Track.
There is new release 2020-03-23 containing 3 Simple Cave worlds for testing. Yeah, I could not resist to see it, and surely it was too early (#360). But the simulation were re-triggered and we could see what the left and right robot has seen during 5 minutes of simulated exploration:
If you are wondering what the robots are doing … well it is version ver59 used in Urban Circuit where the robots starts on optimized trajectory to „enter the gate”, i.e. smarter way of turn and go straight for distance defined by unique robot origin position. This is a bit which we will surely fix ASAP.
But enjoy the terrain and huge and narrow spaces. Yes, this time we want also to fly, communicate among robots and map 3D properly … and win! … so there is not much time to waste.
BTW we scored 1 point and Robotika is leading all Simple Cave X boards — well, two of them with zeros. But see what robots have seen:
The nearest deadline is 31st March 2020 (7 days) to submit new robot models. Here is preview of Freyja and Kloubák K2 is work in progress:

31st March 2020 — Robotika in the 'Video Friday' feature on the IEEE Spectrum website

Today I received mail from Kara: I thought you might like to see an interesting article featuring Robotika in the ‘Video Friday’ feature on the IEEE Spectrum website.
There are plenty of robotic videos, including one from SubT Urban System Cerberus — you can see their flying ball from Flyability autonomously navigating downstairs in Alpha Course.
Yeah, you can find there also video of our first attempt in Virtual Cave Circuit mentioned above.