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Robotour Marathon 2020

testing challenge III.

Robotour Marathon is a discipline helping teams to prepare to hard Robotour contest held typically in September. The first marathon confirmed that the best 3 teams already participated and tested their robots in complex environments. Second year monthly scoring scheme was introduced. Any plans for 2020? (Update 14/1/2021: Robotour mini-conference online (2021-02-03 17:30-19:00))


The rules for Robotour Marathon 2020 are similar to Robotour itself. The robot has to demonstrate its ability to autonomously navigate on paved roads without any human intervention. It can be any road mapped in OpenStreetMap. The main difference is that it is your challenge, performed when it suits to you and where it suits to you. Well, you are also the judge, which can be a bit awkward, but … pick a place, run your Robotour code and share your video with the robot GPS track. The winner is robot autonomously driving the longest distances over the year.

The Score Board(s)

The Longest Run (whole season)

Place Team Distance Date Video GPS Track
1st Istrobotics 3.95km 2020-12-26 lsfKHGRFcBA #3528660
2nd ARBot 1595m 2020-10-06 yFOHAQZ4zFY #3455014
3rd NDTeam 317m 2020-12-29 8g6SwrIQmiY #3540534
4th AmBot 137m 2020-09-23 KdwVAYzNzRM #3424066
5th JECCbot mini 44m 2019-11-23 QPiOPb9FQ3k #3153908

The Monthly Challenge

October 2019

Place Team Distance Date Video GPS Track Points
1st Istrobotics 696m 2019-10-17 nnmwycd9ha8 #3130850 1

November 2019

Place Team Distance Date Video GPS Track Points
1st JECCbot mini 44m 2019-11-23 QPiOPb9FQ3k #3153908 1

January 2020

Place Team Distance Date Video GPS Track Points
1st Istrobotics 119m 2020-01-21 bbm6W6YLiYA #3190503 1

September 2020

Place Team Distance Date Video GPS Track Points
1st Istrobotics 903m 2020-09-08 BHI1-wTGvJ0 #3402965 2
2nd AmBot 137m 2020-09-23 KdwVAYzNzRM #3424066 1

October 2020

Place Team Distance Date Video GPS Track Points
1st ARBot 1595m 2020-10-06 yFOHAQZ4zFY #3455014 2
2nd Istrobotics 1105m 2020-10-20 8oXZKxuKB3c #3464878 1

November 2020

Place Team Distance Date Video GPS Track Points
1st Istrobotics 1533m 2020-11-23 GdCgxRDinlA #3509989 1

December 2020

Place Team Distance Date Video GPS Track Points
1st Istrobotics 3.95km 2020-12-26 lsfKHGRFcBA #3528660 2
2nd NDTeam 317m 2020-12-29 8g6SwrIQmiY #3540534 1

Questions and Answers

When the Marathon contest starts?

The contests starts now (October 2019) and it ends a day before the next Robotour contest (September 2020) 31st December 2020.

Are multiple tries/submissions allowed?

Yes, definitely! The better one is kept in the score table (the old ones are stored in backlog).

Is beer keg required in Marathon?

No, it is not. Nevertheless it is highly recommended to test with your payload once a while.

Is there any time limit?

No, in this contest there is no time limit. The robot, which manages to move further away, is better than the faster robot.

Video should be from robot or from mobile phone?

Both is accepted as robots do not have to be equipped with camera. You can publish both and add the second URL in the comment. You can also speed up the video.

Is there any naming convention for uploaded video?

It is highly recommended to use Robotour Marathon together with the name of your team (for example Robosoft: Robotour Marathon 2020, attempt 0)

I submitted my video and GPS track but the form just gray out?!

There could be some issues with the form, so if you do not receive confirmation within 24 hours, please send also mail to I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Can I pause my robot in dangerous situations and then continue?

Yes, you can exceptionally pause your robot. The example of dangerous situation is approaching horses, which could be scared by your robot, or a car on the road where you do not expect it.

What is Monthly Scoring Scheme?

By the end of every month the order defines number of points the team gets, and the next month starts with empty table. For example, if you have the longest try in October 2019 and there were 5 other competitors you get 5+1 points. Even for the last position in the given month you get 1 point.


10/17/2019 9:45 AM

11/23/2019 8:17 PM

1/21/2020 12:12 AM

9/8/2020 12:09 PM

V case 4:00 som omylom vypnul nahravanie na mobil a spustil po par sekundach, ale presiel z jednej strany parku na druhu a na konci presiel cez kocku a vypadlo napajanie Jetsona

9/22/2020 11:16 PM

Test navigace po cestě a částečná procedura pro Robotour. Od startu (v servisní oblasti) po zastavení u nakládacího bodu.

10/6/2020 6:30 PM

10/20/2020 1:20 AM

Testovanie sme museli ukončiť kvôli vybitým batériám, ale odporúčam nevynechať časť od 4:03 do 4:35

11/23/2020 7:38 AM

Pri testovani sme sme spravili jeden okruh. Potom som chcel aby isiel cez stred parku, ale bohuzial sa robot mal inu predstavu. Tak neskor v case 8:50 sa otaca a ide naspat po tej iste trase:
  • 2:03 - 2:11 Robotovi sa nepacia listy a rozhodne sa trocha cuvat.
  • 6:28 - 7:19 Boj s napadanym listim v jednej casti parku.
  • 7:53 Mal odbocit do lava, ale nepodarilo sa mu to.
  • 7:58 Zistil ze je na zlej ceste.
  • 8:07 Snazi sa prvy krat otocit a vratit sa na krizovatku.
  • 8:50 Robot sa uspesne otaca.
  • 9:14 Vracia sa na problemovu krizovatku, ale zase sa mu nedari najst spravnu cestu.
  • 9:17 Blizke stretnutie tretieho druhu s chodcom.
  • 9:30 Konecne sa vyskrabe na kopcek! Ale zase sa mu nieco nepaci a nacuvava do murika = Koniec pokusu.

12/26/2020 7:13 PM

Testovanie 13.12.2020. Pred vianocami sme testovali nove baterie a opraveny kod hlbovej kamery.

12/29/2020 9:11 PM

Robotour mini-conference online

The best scoring three teams: Istrobotics, ARBot and NDTeam will present their robots and solutions on Robotour Marathon 2020 miniconference (presentations will be in Slovak and Czech) will take place on Feb 3rd, 2021 17:30-19:00 online as part of robotika.SK webinars. There is a plan that in March 2021 will be also English conference.

If you would like to somehow support this contest or you have some comments/question, please use our standard contact form.