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Park Selection

Candidate 1 — Rudolf Bednar Park

The roads on Open Street Map are more or less correct. There are some narrower (about 1m wide) winding roads in the middle of the park. Furthermore a few paths could be added to the map between the shallow water pools to navigate in between of them (they are just a few cm deep, but nevertheless can be thrilling for the robots). The park is relatively small, everything is within sight. The park is new, so the trees are small enough not to disturb GPS too much.


  • near Happy Lab (200m, base for teams)
  • new park where robots could be seen from distance


  • base is too far
  • road network is rather simple

Photo (Roland Stelzer)

Candidate 2 — The Augarten

Candidate 3 — Türkenschanzpark (SELECTED)

Photo (Philipp Kartas)


Tags for OSM contest roads

Robot should use existing tags like highway (typically with value footway). Useful could be also tag width describing width of the road in meters or surface, with values (paved / unpaved / asphalt / concrete / paving_stones / cobblestone / metal / wood / grass_paver / gravel / pebblestone / grass / ground / earth / dirt / mud / sand / ice_road) possibly smoothness, with values (excellent / good / intermediate / bad / very_bad / horrible / very_horrible / impassable).

The last edit: 26th of May, 2011.